Instruction: For the following task, take 40 seconds to prepare and 40 seconds to read aloud. You should read naturally and use punctuation marks to guide your speech.

Q [1]

Believe it or not, the big players are fats and sugars. They activate a reward system in our brain so that we desire them, they flood brain with a chemical signal called dopamine. However, studies show that, although dopamine is good, it got triggered in the wrong way, so it’s bad for us.


Q [2]

Very little is known if a fish can survive in oxygen poor water for more than a few days. Talking about biodiversity, some fish like freshwater Tilapia has an ability to live in the water with little oxygen supply. Tilapia is an important source of food for communities across Asia. It is considered as a delicious commodity.


Q [3]

Humans understood the origins of the universe by understanding the solar system. The human race took the first step of that understanding by visiting the Mars planet. Future generations will get inspired knowing that things are possible if you believe in them. We need to keep exploring and trust that everything is achievable.


Q [4]

The simultaneous social feedback for performance improvement in communal settings may influence the marvel characters of a person. The innate abilities come from continuous improvement of social skills from generations. Thus, anyone wants to get an upper hand should get used to objectives planning and analysis of past experiences.


Q [5]

The moon is the “natural permanent orbiting body” of our planet. There are many other planets in our solar system that have their own orbiting bodies. The moon is the second-largest satellite in our solar system, the first number is for Jupiter’s satellite. For our moon, water cannot exist on its surface because it is bombarded with solar radiations because it lacks atmosphere like Earth has. The surface of the moon is just like Mars – dry and hostile.


Q [6]

The Human body has a very complex network of internal processes. And believe it or not, they are all interdependent. If one of the systems is faulty, it affects the other system. For a car, if its carburetor is clogged up with debris, it reduces its mileage. In the same way, if an endocrine system fails, it affects almost all processes in the human body.


Q [7]

In the Jurassic period, many species of plants and animals were much different than they are today. Ancient plants were carnivores and had a voracious appetite. They used to capture their prey in their strong vines by the means of sticky substance. There were many other small species of plants and animals who live on the leftovers of the captured prey from these giant plants.


Q [8]

“Did humans falsify the moon landings? do aliens exist? is the universe still expanding?” and many more! There are many such intriguing questions that make us ponder over things. Unfortunately, a common man has no other means but to rely on the published information by various mediums. After all, those things do not affect our lives directly! Or do they?


Q [9]

Venice is the city of wonders. The city is all built on tiny islands on a seashore. Surprisingly there are no cars in the city because there are no roads as a means of transportation. There are various canals and waterways where boats and ships are used to carry people and goods. You will always find this city full of tourists and colorful attractions. Recently the city of Venice is renowned as the most expensive places in the world.


Q [10]

Previously it was thought that we had reached the population upper limit and feeding the growing population is going to be impossible. However, the statistical methods missed by a huge margin to account for that matter. Today our agriculture industry has an entourage of modern machinery and equipment that can support double the number of people we have today. You know, in case our population doubles in the next decade or so!


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